Tuesday, April 10, 2007

#367: What?? Who??

Dari blog dey lagi. Ikutan, ah... Mau jajal kemampuan ngisi long list pertanyaan ini, heuheuheu...

01. What time is it now?
10:44 PM
9:10 AM

02. What are you doing?
Working on an assignment.
03. Thinking of anyone?
04. Are you happy/blur/sad etc?
blur… maybe
Right now? kinda feel cheer up :)

05. Why?
I feel like everything got all mixed up in my life :D
It’s kinda a new day for every day is a new day! Actually, thx to my dream last night, hehehe…

06. What is the last thing you ate?
spaghetti kiriman tetangga ;-)
Nasi kuning + telor

07. Last thing that you've heard that made you cry?
“That’s it! You’re enjoying it. We’re done here!”
08. Whats the last movie that made you cry?
50 First Dates :D
09. Who do you wish to be by your side?
My bigguy :(
10. Regretted anything in this month?
Um… Let me see… why oh why he’s passing by when I got the conversation with my friend???
11. Did you fall in love/out of love in this month?
Copy-paste dey: in and out :D
12. Who was the last person you talked to?
My auntie.
13. Who was the last person you hugged?
Dinda and Nasywa, those little rascals, hahaha… Wade loves you, girls! *hug*
14. Who was the last person you sms?
Pak Irwan, told me that the class would be start at 1400 hrs.
15. What did you dream of today?
My smiling man :)
16. Who can make you laugh?
Myself. And my S1 closest friends. There’re always big laughs when I’m with them. Miss you, guys!
17. Who always takes care of you?
My Almighty God, I hope.
18. Anyone you know is in pain?
*pointing at me*
19. What happen?
A little insane? :D
20. What do you wanna do before you die?
Ibadah haji. N make a book, maybe.
21. What song is stuck in your head?
Dumb -Nirvana
22. What song are you listening now?
So Lonely –The Police
Yeah right...

23. Worried about anyone?
Copy-paste dey: about myself I guess :D
And my little sister who’s gonna have her final exams in May 2007.

24. What age do you wanna get married?
27. But 33 or 34 or 35 is okay, gyahahaha...
25. How many children do you want?
Six. So I can make a basket ball team ;-)
Or three, considering my age, hahaha… I can still make a three-on-three basket ball team, anyway.

26. Any plans in this 2 month?
Making my thesis proposal? Aamiiin…
27. Describe a perfect wedding?
Me as the bride and him as the groom, outdoor wedding party with live music in a big stage :D
28. Describe a perfect date?
Just me and him, as ourselves, as the real us.
29. Where would you like to go for holiday?
Copy-paste dey: Bali
30. Do you play instrument?
Copy-paste dey: Nope
31. Do you have a band?
Copy-paste dey: Nope
32. What song do you want to listen to?
Bryan Adams’ song called “I Will Always be Right There” or something like that.
33. Wish you could die?
Not anymore. My time will come. But not yet, I guess.
34. Do you give up easily?
I hope not.
35. Do you know anyone that acts like a kid?
*pointing at me again*
36. Do you know anyone that is rude?
Sometimes I am :D
37. What's the sweetest thing anyone
... ever done to me?
Every time he says ‘I love you’, considering who he is.
38. Any sweet unforgetful memories with your Ex?
Can’t remember them. They’re too much, hahaha...
39. Honestly.. Which Ex did you love the most?
40. Who do you want to be hugged by?
Right now? Dinda and Nasywa would be okay :D
41. Are you enjoying life?
O yeah, I am.

Rese juga pertanyaan-pertanyaannya.
Mending ngerjain tugas Stabilitas!

42. How long does it take for you to answer these questions? --> this is my question :D
1:12 hours. Gee...

Hey... Ternyata pertanyaannya ga nyampe gocap! *lirik Mee, Mba n Dey*

Kamar Bowtak, Selasa pagi-menuju-siang, 10042007
(It’s been two years, bigguy... How are you today?)

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