Monday, July 22, 2013

#629: #100Ideas_KeriSmithInspired [10] Ten Habits

This is from number 94 from the list: List 10 of your habits.

  1. I always try not to littering --guess I'm succeeded :)
  2. I eat slowly and always leave my plate clean :D
  3. Procrastinating >_<
  4. Waking up late --well, I'm working on it, trying to wake up early everyday
  5. Laughing out loud
  6. Smiling to (almost) everyone, even to strangers :D
  7. Sleeping at night with the light on
  8. Wearing watch on the left wrist, bracelets on the right one
  9. When I meet new people, I say my name when shaking hand with them --only at the first time, of course
  10. Watching Harry Potter DVDs every weekend.

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