Friday, July 26, 2013

#638: Next Challenge?

Now that #100Ideas_KeriSmithInspired swap has been done... I kinda crave for another challenge. Hahaha... yeah, right :P.

But, really I do.
After #30HariBercerita and #100Ideas_KeriSmithInspired, I've been looking for another challenge to do, to ...keep this blog alive? >_<

Anyway. I found this challenge on tumblr. Harry Potter related. "Harry Potter 30 Day Challenge". Wow!
Hmm. Take it or leave it?

I'll take it, of course! ...just don't know when to start it :)).

Eh. Even if I don't take it, I still have many challenges from the #100Ideas_KeriSmithInspired and the Wreck This Journal book to do when I'm boring :D.

Have I told you that I am currently partially suspended by swap-bot? It means I cannot join any swap for... I don't know... 6 months? Hopely not. I've already missed it. I just finished the two pages of journal for a serial swap titled "Pocketsize journal/sketchbook". Since I cannot join the swap, I will send it to the coordinator. So she can put it into rotation again. She's very nice person, I think. She didn't think that I was a bad swapper. I thanked her for that :).

Here's one of those pages.
Have a nice weekend, guys! ;-)

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