Saturday, April 28, 2007

#381: Out!

Friendster Horoscope for April 28, 2007
(Nov 22 - Dec 21)

The Bottom Line
Obey the laws of the universe today -- and do not try to get something for nothing.

In Detail
There are certain laws of the universe that must be obeyed, and one of them is that anything worth having is worth working for. So if one of your relationships is suffering because one person isn't making enough time for the other, it's time to talk about who's working -- and who isn't. No matter which person you are in this scenario, you must be totally honest about what you're willing to give and willing to take. This could be an important turning point for the two of you.

Internetarium, Sabtu, 28042007, 2009
Waks! MU lagi maen lawan mana tuh? Masa lagi kalah 2-0????
Meski rada sebel karena kemaren ngalahin Milan, tapi MU ga boleh kalah! Gimana kalo Chelsea menang??? Waaaaahh... tambah seru aja EPL ini!

Desy out!

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