Thursday, June 20, 2013

#624: #100Ideas_KeriSmithInspired [5] A Graph of My Running Exercise :D

This is from number 75 on the list: Create a graph documenting or measuring something in your life.

At first, I didn't think of doing this one. Until I remembered that I had a running race to do. Yup. At the dead of June, I will take part in a running race called Halo·FitRUN. I'll run my first 5K running race :D.

Since I am not an avid runner, I think I need to do the exercise for that race so I can make it to the finish line, hahaha...

I use the Nike+ Running application when I do the exercise so I can know how far I run. This application has a graph documenting how far we run. That graph will help me to do this number 75 on the list :D. I will draw it on my journal.

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