Sunday, July 21, 2013

#625: #100Ideas_KeriSmithInspired [6] Counterfeit Son (Elaine Marie Alphin)

Here's from number 25 from the list: Read a book on one day.

At first, I want to read two books on one day. But I never made it, hahaha... I only finished one book. The one on the left of the picture. The title said "Dua Wajah Cameron". It's the Indonesian version of "Counterfeit Son". The author was Elaine Marie Alphin.

This book is the old collection of mine. I guess I still recognized my first impression when I read it after I bought it in 2004. And that made me want to read it again.

The book on the right, "Anak Pemburu Beruang", is the Indonesian version of "Der Sohn Des Bärenjägers" by Karl May. "The Son of the Bear Hunter", I guess, in English :D.

Well, I'll read it later.

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