Saturday, July 12, 2014

#671: 20/365 at least I smiled.

so I got this Gipsy. dan berniat untuk cuma make satu ponsel. so, I will say goodbye to James and Ginny. Ginny udah disiapin untuk dilepas. James yang belum. dan ga akan dilepas juga, kayaknya. mau dijadiin museum aja, hahaha.

James memang menyimpan banyak kenangan. literally. bahkan kenangan yang udah gua lupa. dan ketika menemukannya kembali... I just smiled. bitterly. painfully. but at least I smiled.

"It'll look good on you. At least that's what I thought 😀."
"Soooo' tauuu..." --yeah. this is me being clumsy. actually, I smiled.. no. I grinned. ear to ear when I read this when the convo took place.

"You are a happy face girl. Muka lu periang aja."
--I didn't reply to this.

"You won't get anything on 19th then 👿."
"She won't get anything from you anyway 😛."
"You'll never know 😛."
--and I got something. now I just forget which guilty I got 😄.

"Yeah, silly girl, I like that sound... 😚."
--um. yeah. silly.

Sekarang, berat rasanya ngapus itu semua.
But I have to learn to forget. Don't I?

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