Thursday, April 17, 2008

#477: Of Love and You, My Love

'Cos everywhere I go There's a love song that reminds me of you And even though I knew I had to be strong I was still not over you 'Cos I still believe and I could see how there's nothing left of you and me That time is over 'Cos I'm so not over you All my friends try to tell me better find somebody new Why waste time being lonely when there's nothing left to lose? Anything to get you out of my mind I'm a fool if I thought I could forget And I could not forget I can only hope to keep you there and guide me (So Not Over You -Simply Red) Got to get you out of my mind But I can't escape from the feeling As I try to leave the memory behind Without you what's left to believe in? (Out of My Mind -Duran Duran) 'Cos I still believe. And I'm just F.I.N.E. But I'm fine. Cut the crap. Please. There is no one left in the world That I can hold on to There is really no one left at all There is only you And if you leave me now You leave all that we were undone There is really no one left You are the only one (Trust -The Cure)
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