Wednesday, May 21, 2014

#655: 8/365 Hal-Hal Terbaik di Setiap Hari #365grateful

So I read a tweet from @BestProAdvice yesterday about writing down the best thing that's happened to you every day. And when you read it again, you'll soon see that it's a wonderful life, it said. Another simple way to feel grateful. And I went, "Am so gonna do this!" --but you know am so gonna not-do-this, hahaha... Well, I AM gonna do this. But, not every day XD.

So, this is day one. Am gonna write it down. Here. On my blog.

Hmm. Let me recall them...

The very first best thing that happened today was in the morning. I woke up early to do my #HMtraining. But then I felt an urge to poop X)). I cancelled the run ..again *sigh*. After the morning routine's done, I went to ITB (today was the third day I went to a kinda course on EQRM software). The course started at 9, but I arrived about 15 minutes earlier. So I just took my time, walking slowly to the venue ...and deciding to take stairs the 8th floor where the course was held. I didn't run. I just walked. To the 8th floor. You know what it felt? Exhausting! X)) *yeah you tell me
At the 5th floor, I felt like I want to quit and take the elevator instead. But I just thought what I always thought when I was in a race. Keep running. Well, in this case: keep going. And before I realised it, tadaaa... 8th floor! :))
At that time, something crossed my mind instantly: I would never do the vertical running! No, Sir, thank you very much XD.
Uhm. You know the vertical running, right? A kinda running race to the top of a tall building or skyscraper by taking stairs! Insane!

The second one was that I met some inspiring people at the course. The "instructor", the participants, even the topic itself...
But there was a man that caught my attention. Just because he spoke English very fluently, and he's Indonesian. Gosh I like him for that, hahaha.
Speaking of speaking English, I just started to encourage myself to improve my English by... speaking English. You know, am always good at written English. But not at speaking English. I just don't know what to say every time I try to speak in English. Nervous, I guess.
But lately, I try to speak up. I still think about the right grammar I use when I speak, but not too much now. My goal now is that whomever I speak to can understand what I try to say. And it works well enough. Am so proud of myself, hahahaha.

The third best thing was having a chit-chat with Mba this evening. At the best bakery shop in town: Mom's Bakery at Jalan Progo. I had a glass of iced rum latte (this is the reason I love Mom's Bakery so much, hihihi) and a smoked-beef-mushroom-and-cheese-in-ciabata-bread sandwich as my dinner. God, that was a little heaven on earth!
That was, maybe, the last chit-chat with Mba before she went to Norway and stayed there for about 2 months. Tomorrow she will go to Norway Embassy to get her visa. And the day after tomorrow, she's planning to take a day off to get ready for her trip to Norway. And on Saturday morning she will take off to Oslo. So yeah, that chit-chat is gonna be the last one before she flies to Oslo.
I hope she's gonna to have so much fun in Norway. I know she will :D.

What else?
Hm. I guess 3 best things will do for today.
Oh. One more: the photographs from last running race (i.e. #SRunSeries #1 last week) had been uploaded on the website. And I have downloaded some. I just found 2 photos of me. The rest is my nieces' :P.

Okay. Let's call it a day.
Let's see if am gonna post another today's-best-things posting tomorrow :)).

Good night. Have a good rest, you beautiful souls.
Desy's out.

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